Christmas Dungeon Party in Louisville Kentucky Dec. 19 2015 . 9 PM – # AM


Getting Naughty ♐ with Elves ✂ without shelves!

Dungeon Party Louisville Kentucky @ Remix Saturday,
December 19, 2015 · 9:00 PM – 3:00 AM

Mrs Claus has no children due to a sad simple act.
Santa comes only once a year an unmitigated fact.
Lady Claus spends many a night in frustrated fantasy
That Santa Claus would CUM in her and not in a chimney.
So in honor of her, the grand Mrs Claus,
Time to party where even Elves can break all the laws.

Bring your Christmas Cheer, so don’t be alone.
Make the last Magic’s party of the year, so well known


Whip out the naughty Christmas Season outfits as we will be having free Elfin mustache and Reindeer rides, right after the Unicorn leap frog contest.


If it’s your fist time, let us know (below)  and we’ll see if we can pair you up with a buddy to introduce you around.

What you need bring?!:

  • Photo Identification (required) 21+
  • An optional (blow up is ok) open minded friend/partner along if you wish to have the buddy system!
  • Truly awesome people may bring simple snack to share and Nom.. Nom.. Nom.. not required.
  • BYOB

bring your own bottle” You better be 21.
bring your own beverage

Your pleasure and experience may vary, void where prohibited, Local, City and state fun taxes not included. Please enjoy MagicsWorld (SirMagic) parties responsibly. NOT responsible for any incidental or coincidental lasting trauma form having a good time. Nor any loss resulting from but not limited to acts of god, alien invasion, end of days, Miley Cyrus, multiple orgasms, rope, flogger, Magic’s Fuck Saw, single tails, paddle or other marks.

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