Saturday,  September 17, 2016 · 9:00 PM – 2:00 AM  

Come out to play, come feel the heat September nights are hard to beat. Bring yourself, bring a friend, bring a flogger or some rope let’s have a Dungeon Play party folks. If you like to be nude we don’t consider it rude just remember not to be disrespectfully crude. As always If you’re virgin, if you are new we more than welcome you. We  love play with serious gyrations so go ahead and shove in that toy of good vibrations. At Magics World parties were all about various forms of gratification.

Guest Party Vendor:

Therian Productions
Click Here for dealer information.

  • Need new toys?
  • Need quality implements made by real scene people?


Louisville, KY, 40216  
Cost: $15 Per Person at the door

Dress code:

Grandma dress outside… Slut wear (highly encouraged), no wear or whatever you want inside. Birthday suit rentals available upon request for a nominal charge. ☻ That means nudity is allowed or even encouraged.


If it’s your fist time, let us know and we’ll help to introduce you around.

What you need bring?!

  • Photo Identification (required) 18 + Dungeon rules.
  • An optional (blow up is ok) open minded friend/partner along if you wish to have the buddy system!
  • Truly awesome people may bring simple snack to share and Nom.. Nom.. Nom.. not required.

What Does Remix Dungeon Provides?!

Water and Soda for a $1 or $2