What is a K F L & P ?

It stands for Kentucky Fetish Leather & Play and it is an all day affair February 13, 2016

We begin at 11 AM with a vendor fair of local vendors and crafts people to display and sell their creations. The Vendor time is from 11 AM to 7 PM.

Skills shop begins at a 8 PM and is a demonstration or talks on various aspects of kink, S/M or even Bondage.

(Specifics to be announced [TBA] if you have a skill you’d like to share Contact Magic )

All this is followed by the Valentines day play party at 10 PM.

 Vendor Fair ONLY $ 5.00 | All inclusive Vendor Fair,Skills Shop & Party $ 20.00 PP

  • Vendors (To buy that Last Minute Valentines Day gift )
  • Skills Shop
  • Valentines Day Play Party

11 AM – 7 PM Fetish Vendor fair opens a minimum 10 booths to purchase your kinky wares or valentines day interests.

8 PM – 10 PM Skills Works shop seminar on various skills within the realm of the kinky arts.

10 PM – 3 AM Valentines day Play Party.

Looking for kinky vendors


Set up is at 9 AM

  • Standard 10 x 10 space $ 30.00 (11 AM – 7 PM) Breakdown 7 PM
  • Premium Space for a multi-product vendor $50.00 (11 AM – Breakdown 11:30 PM)

You are responsible for your own tables and internet for credit card transactions.

To acquire your vendor space Contact Magic with your basic information, what you sell.