Fall is here and winter is coming, time to party so who needs some stuffing?
The last Magic’s World for the year and before the flying of famous reindeer. So let’s have some Bawdy fun and explore nasty things you have NOT yet done.

When:  Saturday, November 18, 2017 · 9:00 PM – 2:00 AM

Louisville, KY, 40216
Cost: $20 at the door 18 +

Dress code:  Grandma dress outside… Sex-positive, Slut wear (highly encouraged), no wear or whatever you want inside. Birthday suit rentals available upon request for a nominal charge. ☻ That means nudity is allowed or even encouraged

Contact for more information and to RSVP



If it’s your first time, let us know when you arrive at the event and we’ll see if we can introduce you around. 

Don’t be afraid, don’t make excuses, your fears and concerns are not exclusive. So take a deep breath, extra anti-depressant and make that social anxiety quite obsolescent.


What do I need bring?!:

  • Photo Identification (required) 18 + Dungeon rules.
  • An optional (blow up is ok) open minded friend/partner along if you wish to have the buddy system!
  • Truly awesome people may bring a simple snack to share and Nom.. Nom.. Nom..not required.