It was a warm crystal clear day 22 years ago. A soft sweet breeze touched my face as I sat on a large bolder some 4,800 feet above sea level. Spread before me was the glorious green panorama of the Mount Washington Valley in early August. To the west I watched as the sun began its final dark orange decent into night. Unconsciously, I took a deep breath and relaxed my muscles which were tired from the three day hike up over the Presidential range to our final destination, Lakes of the Clouds. (For those of you who don’t hike, that’s higher than trees can grow.)



magic6I was surrounded by a desolate beauty few have witnessed. The bolder I sat upon was in the middle of a forest of stone. The nearest tree or planet life was 500 to one thousand feet below me. It was like being on the moon, dry barren, almost lifeless. About 300 feet underneath me sat two large pools of water. They were small lakes way up where clouds usually reign. Thus the name Lakes of the Clouds.  It was on this day, all those years ago as a boy of 15, I had my “Awakening”. I felt things which previously I had only fleeting glimpses of. Most importantly, I started to “know” or as some say “remember” things about life and the universe. The vale of humanity’s ethnocentrism was lifting as I became “Cosmically” aware. It was a startling, glorious, exciting, frightening and mystical experience. The power I now sometimes think nothing of, surged through me like an electrostatic charge in a dry room. The soul spirit you now know as “Magic” or “Sir Magic” was born.


Each of us are born or sent unto this plain of existence with one over riding purpose to fulfill. This, is called “destiny”. How we go about accomplishing this so called “destiny”, well…that is “freewill”. As individual souls we are here to learn, experience and grow. This maturity is not only for ourselves, but for humanity as well. Each life, each generation moves us all closer to mankind’s ultimate destiny or if you will, the universe’s grand design. What this design is I do not know, but in a sense that’s the point. Before you can start to try to perceive what it could be, you must first accept the possibility that there is a greater cosmic play, in which we are all share a part in.


It is believed in many cultures that the soul picks it’s family or circumstances in which it is born into this world. The reasoning here is really simple. The incoming soul seeks to learn or develop certain skills or qualities it feels it will need to accomplish its “Soul Purpose”, as I call it. From “mom” it will learn this and from “dad” it will learn that. If this is true, then why would a soul choose to be born to a drug addicted mother in a dysfunctional relationship? Well, assuming I am not grossly delusional this what I remember:


Sometime before birth each soul takes a moment to examine what it wishes to accomplish in this upcoming life and the negative aspects or tendencies it wishes to correct. Some souls, I feel, believe they have enough “positive” energy to overcome the obstacles they will face, and to not only “awaken”, but also accomplish their life purpose. Obviously, since to me the soul is eternal but not perfect, many souls fail to awaken. They succumb to the negative forces and “fear” which is so prevalent within our species. What man does not understand or can’t quantify, he ridicules, dehumanizes and then destroys. To me this tendency of ours is motivated by one thing: “fear”. Many of us get caught up in the “fear”-based power games, greed or the quest for more money and success and lose our way. As a soul, failure can happen. Which ultimately means, you just have to keep coming back until you get it right.


Since that day, I silently watched as humanity bit by bit matured. We went from the threat of
a nuclear war between the two super powers, to the possibility of the beginnings of peace in
the Middle East. Of all the ways we could have entered the next millennium this perhaps is the best way.


Our society is slowly leaving what I have observed to be a seriously materialistic stage and
now entering one of spiritual seeking. For centuries the “church” (whatever yours may be) has
defined for us what spirituality meant. As the baby boomers mature, this will be NO more. As a species, we are growing and collectively we are starting to ask questions. In a sense, many others like myself are starting to Awaken, and we are remembering why we came back and what we sought to achieve. With this new knowledge or point of view there will come “fear” from those who have benefited from the “control games” of the old religious orders. Even now, I can see them spreading the word about how “Satanic” the “New Age” philosophies are. Often I sit back and chuckle to myself. Yes, they are right. In THEIR eyes, we are Satanic. Under this remembered spiritual philosophy, you must now think for yourself. No longer will someone tell you what to think or what to believe. Nor shall we endure meaningless rituals designed to create obedience through fear.


We are all taken from the warmth of the light, and born unto this world “asleep” …
Whether we “awaken” or not is Freewill .
What happens after that’s Destiny.”


My purpose in life is to teach and to help others awaken and “remember” as I like to call it.
As I look back on it, my whole life has been slowly preparing me for this. In my preteen and
teen years, I learned how to be “alone”. When I was 12 my family moved from Roxbury to a small suburban town called Natick, 17 miles West of Boston. What started out as an adventure turned quickly into a form of emotional hell which I would endure for the next 5 years until high school graduation.


Those years as a social outsider taught me many things about myself, people and the strength of the human spirit. I was always different, even at an early age, I understood things about life, reality and sexuality which my peers wouldn’t know for years to come. This awareness, in a sense, was my down fall. I foolishly bucked certain social conventions which I felt were, well, dumb. In turn, I paid the price for it. My refusal to shut up and conform to a world vision deliberately narrowed made me an easy target.

As I looked back on it, I had always fought anything which my heart felt was basically wrong. Social conventions based on “fear” have always evoked an automatic “draw my sword and slay the dragon” response from me. I accept the need for a society to have rules, but rules which use “fear”, ridicule and suppression of the soul are, well…Wrong. My favorite one for example is what western “Christianity” does to suppress the natural sexuality of Women.


Women in many religious texts except for Wiccan’s are the root of most evil. Often it is the “bad” highly sexual women who seduced the “good” family man into some “unnatural” act of adultery. Why is it when a “man” indulges in his sexuality successfully, he’s quite the “stud” and when a woman does the same, she’s a “slut”? This double message is a thread which runs all through the fabric of western (and other) societies.


How many of you women have stopped to think about the term “Good Wife and Mother”? Have you ever really thought about what that term really is saying?


A good wife is one who obeys her husband, stays home, is a good cook and has no other sexual needs outside him, nor preferences on how she wants it and when.


Yeah Right! I don’t think so.


A good mother is always kind, loving, patient and has absolutely no sexuality at all.


..”Paging Joan Cleaver. Hello are you out there?”


The point I’m making is this: The social sexual doctrine which punishes women for exploring, expressing or enjoying their sexuality was created by men. It is then reinforced by male patriarchal religions and perpetuated by a media still controlled by men. In real life, Good Girls lose and Bad Girls have a lot more fun.


Personally…I’m NOT into Good Girls and I’ll take a good “Slut or Whore” any day.

(But I digress.)


Life is about learning and living, NOT suppressing your sexuality or your sense of self. We all are here for a reason, whether it is to accomplish some task, work on personal issues or
to help humanity mature. I am blessed with the remembering the knowledge of why I am here and the task which lay before me. I am to help “awaken” others. To show other people the proper path in which they may find their destiny, whatever it may be.


Whether you believe or don’t believe in what I say is rather irrelevant, for one of the lessons I have learned is: “Sometimes you will find your Destiny on the road you take to avoid it.” Therefore, belief is not necessary. If and when the universe taps you on the shoulder, it is an offer you can’t refuse.

So to those who feel that all that I have said is New Age “Crap”, I say this…

Magic’s Law 98:

You can believe anything you want…
However, the universe is not obliged to keep a straight


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